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The International site for exposing corruption, lies, Injustice, and individuals masquerading as civil servants in a government that practices deceit with no remorse or honour.  We are an information site for students, writers & researchers   ' THIS IS AN INFORMATION SITE'

This website is here to expose Bent Lawyers, Police, DWP, HMRC and others. We challenge the lies of Government, reveal their scandals and root out corrupt civil servants. We expose The Legal Profession where   CORRUPTION is hidden behind a facade of pomp and arrogance and amazingly it is denied by them even in the face of the truth!  ( as one retiring solicitor told a client who offered to take the stand in court, No you will not, if there's any lies to be told I will do it, I've had lots of experience).  Lawyers call this kind of thing 'Qualified Privilege' which means the right to mislead, harass, threaten and bully without any fear of being held to account. We also look at other corrupt countries who deal in oppression, disregard human rights in favour of gain and fear.

For the DWP solicitors office we feature DANIEL LAVERCOMBE, a solicitor who with the help of his colleagues, going to great lengths to hide fabrication of evidence and corrupt activities by trying to suppress publicity with cohorts YAHOO silencing accusations of deceit.

POLICE CORRUPTION, never gone, rarely exposed and denied emphatically by them of course!  They say it might be two per cent.  Rubbish of course, its more like eleven per cent at least, but figure massaging and conjuring statistics to coincide with their own public image of policing is flawed by what you will see on this site.  They go to great efforts to conceal wrong-doing using  misdirection, falsifying figures, deception, fabrication, destroying evidence against them and having it mysteriously disappear, and all enquiries into police corruption have run aground or failed miserably due to non-co-operation' which effectively brings such investigations to a grinding halt with nowhere to go.  This was never more so when 'Operation Countryman' was wound up by the Government who decided that attempts to bring hundreds of officers to trial were being thwarted by the police at every turn and the revelations in 'The Fall of Scotland Yard' showed bribes in the elite squads such as drugs and the Obscene Publications had bent officers lining their pockets like crooks; this was the third enquiry set up to find corruption. More recent ones have followed such as 'The West Midlands Crime Squad' and one in the 90's, none of them satisfactory or successful.

special feature in Related Topics is 'Singapore's love affair with the cane' - a perverse study in the abuse of law and human rights!  the real story about the lust for wealth image and status masking a hidden culture of repression and deadly cruel intentions.  See the corruption articles, a twisted government and judiciary along with the unseen photos of the infamous caning prison and caning.  A new site named WELCOME TO SINGAPORE PERVERSITY sets about shaming Singapore with satirical sketches that underline a serious problem with Singapore  GO to blue highlighted link  . www.welcometosingaporeperversity.com  or use Google Search  (164 free sketches - all captioned -- and the problem of picture size has been fixed and the site is running normal after resetting.  Weekly sketches and updates are on Facebook and Twitter.


Featured Lawyers  ......bending and using the law for gain while chasing the money wagon down the line.                                                              

A Rotten Judiciary  ......which deals with the Judges, Judiciary and Magistrates.                                                            

Not Quite Legal    .....this covers those in-between incidents of the law in situations that could cause concern to those who believe in justice.                                                            

Featured Cops  .............How Corruption started and never went away, despite intentions that failed miserably.                                                                

The Bent Cops List   .........this is a dated list always requiring an update.                                                        

Related Topics    .the largest page featuring 50 other countries dirty deeds plus huge business corruption, banks, media and public misconduct,  Cowboy Builders, crooked web hosts,  the exclusive 'Society's Secret Uncorked' -the facts laid out.                                                    

Unaccountable Civil Servants  ..The largest growing file on the many evils of the DWP and HMRC and Political Scene in the UK  There is also the expose of the DWP Restart Scheme, so don't miss THE FEDCAP SCANDAL                                 

The Lawyers Disciplinary List  ...this contains early listing from the tribunal and is awaiting an update.                                                                         

General Information  ........ this deals with reference books, videos and other material one can source material online etc.                                                       


THE MAN WHO COMMITTED PIRACY ON BENTLAWYERSANDCOPS.COM IS ANDREW PEACHER OF 23,MEADOW COURT, MEADOW LANE, THIRSK, SCOTLAND -- But there are others that are raiding our site for information to build their sites without research.


Our aims on this site are to expose and embarrass, companies, government departments, anybody who thinks corruption is just a word and get away with awful acts of disadvantaging the poor and capitalising out of their misery.  We amass any public information of events, court trials, blogs, forums, stories and situations these people don't like as they believe in 'divide and conquer' whereas we collate and bring each piece of evidence into one place and build upon that until it really means more and becomes a powerful tool.  Presented like this it becomes harder for them to brush aside, and researchers have often come here to seek out something they couldn't find elsewhere. These are often Internet files, articles, papers sent to us and more.  If the constant embarrassment annoys and inadvertently harms their integrity or reputation,  it is collateral damage, and they are to blame for their own recorded misdemeanours, we just follow the scent until we uncover what we need to expose them. They are the victims of their own bad publicity like it or not!

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